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last night a precursor what we may hear from google tomorrow? ebay perhaps a bit of a disappointment moments ago. we have a preview. the best way to play the stock ahead of the earnings report. david: can american airlines overcome yesterday's huge computer glitch that grounded more than 900 flights? who better to talk to than the former american airlines ceo, the much-beloved bob crandall. he will be joining us about how the company could take a hit as of yesterday's action and what they can do to repair the damage. bob crandall, coming right up. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] help brazil reduce its overall reliance on foreign imports with the launch of the coury's largest petrochemical operation. ♪ when emerson takes up the challenge, "it's never been done before" simply bemes consider it solved. emerson. ♪ how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, onehing that hasn't changed: the official retir
is on track for its worst week since may of 2012. david: and of all day, when we're reporting google, microsoft, ibm. some big earners moving today, though, morgan stanley falling 4% as the bank posted a 14% drop in earnings. bond and commodity trading business faltered. the company saying it was bogged down by heavy accounting charges. and pepsico popping in the other direction. they are going up, ending the session significantly higher. company's revenues rose more than expected as strong sales of snacks in emerging markets overcame the weaker beverage sales here at home. liz: and action in the commodities pits. natural gas ended with a more than 4% gain on the back of a smaller than expected climb in last week's inventories. so at these prices, $4.40, that's a 312-month -- 21-month high. crude rising as the dollar weakened today, added about $1.05 settling at $87.73 a barrel. "after the bell" starts right now. ♪ ♪ david: well, let's get right to today's market action. mark, premier financial adviser's senior well strategist, has top places for you to make money. craig hodges s
, in wisconsin. and in the google maps you will find the street view and the first building that you see is a barn, a typical barn. and i find it interesting that out of everything in town that has not been photographed by google yet and also this idea of when you are looking something original, you find a certificate. and so, i copied this barn and placed this facade or prop in the most resymboling location in the original town of ireland. and the idea was we thought that the google car would come by, that this image would be picked up and the barn would exist in both. it was up for two weeks but i knew that the car was in the neighborhood. but recently i found out that after two years, it did. so now there is a google street with the same house. and i really like that idea of transition, where you then take an image from the internet and put it in the real world to be captured and placed back on-line so that really questions reality. so that is also i am interested in. so we go to the nibus works. and the nibus works, well on this distinct moment on a location and you could look at th
is worth a try. it's a new app for your iphone or ipad. google reports profits this afternoon, the company just started distributing the google glass device. we've talked so much about this. that's not going to show up in their financials, not just because it's a small number but because the quarter that google will be referring to is technically already over. do watch for lower margins in their report. this is something we often look for when we look at google numbers. costs could continue to go up. larry page, the ceo, worries less about costs and more about changing the world. back to you. >> scott, thanks so much. >>> we are just one day away from the weekend with the winds dying down. meteorologist christina loren, look at that gorgeous shot behind you. >> finally, marla, this camera is not getting violently rotated by that wind. as we head throughout the day today, the winds are still pretty strong. but they're dying down and certainly nothing like what we were dealing with on monday or tuesday. yesterday we started to see those winds decrease. and today, happy to report all your win
are talking about is something which is broadly called cloud bursting, where essentially, is used by google and other folks, there's not one computer called there's a basilian sitting behind a thing. there is a concept called load balancing, and it has been augmented of late with the ability to dynamically spinoff new instances of server applications in response to spikes in demand. the general concept called cloud bursting allows you to do that across multiple cloud vendors, so you could do it across amazon and various other people say you could get geographic diversity and so on. people doing this extremely well, for example, would be netflix. many of you in this room i'm sure use the netflix. what they did is dynamically throw what is this is as more and more people click on movies that they want to watch. so then what they are doing is as the need scales, they then have the ability -- they pay them, and, of course, it drops off as soon as the need drops off as well. so they end up essentially paying for average demand. the technology is widely deployed around the world. >> a
are just moments away from earnings from the big three, ibm, microsoft, and google. we have them all covered for you. david garrity from gba research. >> wow. >> yeah, we're back on "power lunch" days. >> is that an octabox. >> jon fortt, josh lipton. first, heather hughes and rob malcolm, along with greg ip "the economist." everybody's in the water, so we can just jump in. heather, what do you make from the markets this week? what's the message from this very volatile market in your view? >> well, the markets have picked up volatility. before last week, the vix volatility measure was at all-time lows, since 2007. that, of course, has increased, but it will be interesting when we get these earnings numbers coming out now. of course, corporate profits, that's key. it seems like it's coming from revenue minus costs, we're cutting cost sides of the equation, not necessarily revenue and topline growth. it so will be interesting to see what those numbers are as we get them. >> greg, you covered the fed so much. all this week, there's been a debate. just last week, we debated about whether
google and microsoft both reporting earnings after the bell. shibani joshi joins us with what we can expect. shibani, which is more important do you think? >> it is hard to say, melissa, because things are getting really good in the tech earnings world. the tech parade was underway yesterday. yahoo! yesterday and google and microsoft. from google this will be an important one. microsoft shares are marginally to the upside. we're expecting google's first quarter numbers of a the close. $10.66 a share on revenue of $14.2 billion. mobile in terms of its growth rate will be a key driver for this company which believes that its ad business should grow about 20% from last year to this year. cost per click is the number that many analysts are more focused on versus the top line or the bottom line because this is the most telling number. cost per click been on decline for the last five quarters. so this is the key metric analysts are looking out for. melissa: microsoft is important because it is an indicator what is going on in hardware and other things. >> absolutely. doesn't have the cache
was only a lieutenant the last 3 months and i found out if you google me under lieutenant you find something. i stick with sergeant because i have about 14 years on google for that. i spent about 28 years as a police officer for the city of san bernardino, california, about 80 miles outside los angeles. among other things i'm recognized as an expert on graffiti in california superior court. without reading all this i want to let you know that i am well rounded, i was supervisor of the unit to be supervisor of a multi agency dealing with it to being executive director for the entire state, california graffiti association of california. so i have a fair amount of background. i first became involved in graffiti back in 1991 when i was told in the gang unit that i was going to be a two-week assignment to deal with these guys called taggers. i continued until i retired so it was a long two weeks. a lot of times cities don't understand how deep the issue goes. i have had my card handed out, this is my phone number. i have absolutely no problem with people calling me any time to disc
. >>> google may make a deal with officials investigating it for violations. officials say they made an offer of concessions aimed at selling the two year investigation -- settling the two year investigation. a probe ended in january. investigators say there was no evidence the actions armed consumers. >>> they will return $1 billion to share holders this year. the ceo said he is confident they will be generating more cash through new markets for gaming, workstations and data centers. stock closed down a half percent. >>> 4 cities are on the list to be the permanent home to the paton office. they are looking at these offices. it is unclear when a decision will be made but the new office is scheduled to be open by next year. >>> university of california at berkeley officials showed us a newly renovated teaching lab. the new lab aims to give students a place to learn to make new products. officials would like to see more products. >> we need to develop better technologies. students need to be trained on the hardware side as well. >> it is part of the electrical engineering department. and paid
. >> we hope you join us at 7 on tv 36. >>> google gets a trifecta. the new place google is rolling out its fiber lines. you kids should count yourselves lucky. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >>> san francisco retailer gap says it plans to franchise its old navy brand in overseas markets. they didn't say where the franchises would be offered, but they say gap also wants to expand in china. gap is also focusing on two new brands, athleta for athletic ware. >>> google plans to run high- speed internet in a third does city. they plan to take over the fiberoptic system in utah. and kansas city received google fiber last year. >>> and now sports. he's going, why can't we play houston every day? >> six straight times they beat the houston astros, the
on the heels of reports of dwindling demand for the ipad mini. >>> and google reports earnings topd and what could be a first for that company. it's trying to bargain opening a pair of $1,500 google glasses from selling or loaning them out. the company's terms of service specifically states, quote, you may resell, loan, transfer or give your device to any other person. google reserves the right to deactivate the device. end quote. >>> investigators in the boston marathon bombings have been pulling together an astounding amount of forensic evidence. and now have images of a potential bombing suspect, next. >>> now to the continuing investigation into who is behind the deadly bombings at the boston marathon. the headline on the front page of this morning's "boston globe" reporting "authorities now have an image of suspect." joining us now to discuss these latest is quint van sant. they're reporting an individual 6 feet tall wearing a baseball cap, what do you make of this image and these details. >> the pictures that may be linked to that, what the authorities believe is that they've identifie
quest to swim past google by not tracking your interests on the web. and tiger woods back on the top of his game, and that money in the bank with many involved with the masters golf tournament is on the line. back in a moment. everyone's retirement dream is different; how we get there is not. we're americans. we work. we plan. ameriprise advisors can help you like they've helped millions of others. to help you retire your way, with confidence. ♪ that's what ameriprise financial does. that's what they can do with you. let's get to work. ameriprise financial. more within reach. >>> every hear of a duck taking on an 800-pound gorilla? we'll have that story. an upstart search engine is taking on google and it does search with a twist. it keeps your information private. duckduckgo founder gabriel weinberg is joining me now. gabriel, it's great to see you and have you on the program. the whole idea, your selling point here, is that you do not want to keep track of users' habits on the web. you want to protect their privacy. tell me how it works. >> so duckduckgo is a search engine like g
. >>> google facing major punishment over the way it delivered search results in europe. google's competitors were practically cackling with glee over the upcoming judgment from the eu. they were expecting huge fines. word this morning google actually proposed a settlement with regulators, and those regulators, we hear, will say okay. that gets google off the hook. kbo google is under fire for giving results that benefited itself. if you look for a restaurant it will push yelp results for its own reviews. the u.s. did the same and google escaped punishment here as well. >>> disney mountain space mountain and california adventures soared over california still remain closed over safety concerns. both rides were recently given citations from cal osha. those citations related to an employee injured last year prmpling maintenance on space mountain. another ride investigated matter horn bob sleds was reopened yesterday. soar over california, you're a big fan? >> i am. >> she was describing it to me. i've got to check it out. >> you should. high wind advisory in the weather department. that took aff
the accu-weather forecast. i'll show when you it's going to feel like summer in a few minutes. >> google's fiber, ultrafast soofs it is open. the grand opening of the new exploratorium. after 4:30... >> on treasure i'll yanld, caltrans dumtz showed the agency ordered tests on broken bolts five years ago but the tests were never done. the story is coming up. >> and michael finney will answer your questions live here later, you can contact michael on finney abc 7. >> and taking a look live now at the san francisco sky way. traffic very heavy in both directions. particularly slow for drivers on the left-hand side creeping towards the bay bridge and folks on the right hand side of the screen making their way south and beyond. abc 7 news >>> a san mateo county marriage be hailed a hero for getting a family out a burning house. the man getting ready for work. he heard his car alarm go off. he went outside ask saw his suv engulfed in flames and the fire spread to the garage. he ran back inside of the house, woke up his family. his wife and all nine kids were able tos escape
were the news just got worse. cobeis going to be out for a while. bing way more than google when it came to the results? prove it. let's look up some taco places. i like the left side. yeah? okay, do we need to find out what the waves are like down at the beach? what side do you like better? i like the results on the right. i'm gonna go with the one on the left. oh! bing won! people prefer bing over google for the web's top searches. don't believe it? go to and see what you're missing. you know who you are. you can part a crowd, without saying a word... if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts... well muddlers, muddle no more. try zyrtec®. it gives you powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because zyrtec® starts working at hour one on the first day you take it. claritin® doesn't start working until hour three. zyrtec®. love the air. ...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. >>> baske
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a huge trifecta of earnings. it will be out right after the bell rings. google, microsoft, ibm all with reports that could either turn this market around or make it go lower than it already is right now, michelle. >> apple going from bad to worse, bill. it could close before $400 today. it would have to do pretty big intraday turnaround in the last hour, if it was going to do that. we are going -- if it were going to reverse that. we'll keep an eye on that and have reports throughout this hour just on exactly where apple closes. >> but in the meantime, what a volatile week we have had. let's just remind everybody of what has happened, just this week. 265-point decline on monday, with all the events that were occurring in boston that day. a comeback day on tuesday, when the market gained 150 points. yesterday, a herky-jerky day with all kinds of back and forth news coming out of boston, do they have a suspect or not. whatever. that day, we finished down 138 points. and now today, the economic data seems to be seeping into the story as well with the jobless claims a little higher tha
percent. google reporting service disruptions to some of its popular applications. the company disclosed that on its website that six out of 13 applications have been having problems. for everyone who is affected we apologize. we know you count on google to work for you and we're working hard to restore normal operations for you. google is down almost 1.5%. >> bucking the trends, mattell trading higher. wow, almost three percent. held by tight cost controls. as for its barbie line, it was down 2%. >> embattled cruise lines making big headlines. plus, different rules for different people on the hill when it comes to trading. more on both of those stories when power lunch returns in two. >> 90 incidents at sea in the past five years. it was announced that 300 million dollars will be spent immediately on 24 ships. up to another 400 million dollars could be spent upgrading another 77 ships. on monday, the billionaire announced that he would voluntarily write a check for over $4 millions to u.s. taxpayers for the cost of the two highest profile marine emergencies. jay rockefeller accused him
have to have your shopping list. you have to look at your googles and apples and see if you want to buy them on the dips. >> bob, we will see you a little later on. >> speaking of which, a big day for tech. there is google, there is microsoft, there is ibm. they all report earnings after the bell. and now there is apple. the stock below that key $400. >> america's most favorite stock continues to get sliced, lowering their price target on the stock. it will likely outgrow apple this year. let's get you caught up on where it stands. its lowest level in a . backyou. >> let's take a look at morgan stanley. it has been losing ground as well. right now it is trading at or near its lows of the trading session, down 3 and 3.75%. the investment banks saying that revenues fell 40% in the first quarter. a much sharper decline than goldman sachs or jp morgan simon? >> let's have a look at shares, the revenue overall. >> united health care is in negative territory. medical costs, upsetting enrollment fuelled revenue gains. they expect budget cuts to pressure performance. >> tiler is on vacation. le
, if the tech community can create awesome companies like google, facebook, and twitter, we can certainly turn our attention to innovating around safety. so we agree that legislative efforts are important, and we are pursuing that. but today is all about innovation and please come to the town hall at noon right behind us here and we are going to have a panel discussion about innovation that exists today and where we can go in future. we are just getting started. this effort will be a marathon, not a sprint and we are very, very committed. the effort is called the sandy hook promise innovation initiative. and in tech we love buzz words. so we have three initiatives underneath the sandy hook promise initiative. number one, we have the tech committee to reduce gun violence. the second one is the sandy hook promise investment effort. jim pitco who is going to speak next is going to talk about the tech committee to reduce gun violence and review the sandy hook promise investment effort. but in short, we have gathered 30 of the top angels and vcs in america and their names are in the press kit. who
. >>> a professional sports league that's taking on homophobia. >>> how google wants to help you organize after death. >>> japanese automakers are recalling more than three million cars worldwide because of an air bag problem. the passenger side air bag could inflate with too much force and exude shards of metal. so far, no injuries or deaths have been reported due to the fault. a japan automaker supplied these. there's no recall for gm or bmw. >>> google is thinking ahead, way ahead, until your death. the search engine giant has launched a tool that let's you decide what to happen with your google e-mail and photo accounts when you no longer need them. just go to the inactive account manager and choose where you want your data to be deleted after three, six, 12 months after inactivity and allow your accounts to let them know that you are no longer using your data. >>> the first of u.s. sports to partner with you can play. it's a project that hopes to end home f ho homo phobia. hockey is for everyone, which is their motto. thus far, no active player on any major american sports team has been openly g
factor. that now belongs to google, android, even belongs to facebook. why have they not been able to innovate as effectively as some of the other companies? >> you know, oftentimes microsoft doesn't get credit for innovating. they do office 365, cloud-based office version. sky drive. you can edit documents in the cloud. need anything running on the desk top. doing many of the same things the other guys are doing but seen as the old out of step company. >> they often do it second, lance. >> and that's very true and that's one of the problems for microsoft. they are not putting themselves in a leadership position and it's very few areas. microsoft, throwing a ton at the wall right now, trying with tablets, phones, and cloud-based stuff. making a lot of money, but not grabbing huge chunks of the market like they need to. the one area where microsoft seems to innovate first and lead is in xbox and that may be the secret to their future success. >> well, let's talk about the future, fast forward to three years from now. everything changes so quickly. who will be the hot software/hardwa
group "forward us" -- in an op ed in the washington post. the group includes executives from google, netflix, yahoo and companies are pushing to make the path to citizenship easier. zuckerberg calls the current immigration policy "unfit for today's world." the insider trading scandal at kpmg grows more interesting by the minute.. scott london and his golf buddy bryan shaw face criminal is accused tipping off shaw with insider information about 5 kpmg clients such as herbal life and skechers.federal prosecutors believe the two made a million dollars in the scheme-- with shaw paying off london with bags of $100 dollar bills and a rolex a statement to reporters bryan shaw says .. i cannot begin to apologize for my incredibly stupid actions. some of the world's top automakers are issuing a massive recall of 3.3 million vehicles. it includes 1.7 million toyotas, 1.1 million hondas. 480 thousand nissans and 45 thousand mazdas automakers say passenger side air bags could cause injury with too much force. 2000 through 2003 models are mostly affected.
of reports of dwindling demand for the ipad mini. >>> and google is barring anyone chosen for a pair of its $1,500 google glasses from selling or loning out the eye wear. the terms of service states, quote, you may not resell, loan, transfer or give your device to any other person. google reserves the right to deactivate the device. >>> this is probably a good time to announce i'll be getting a pair. but they won't leave my hands. >>> comiing up, mike allen join me for the latest of what's next for the president's gun control legislation after yesterday's crippling blow in the senate. you're watching "first look." ♪ (announcer) wake them up with breakfast-favorite flavors like salmon, egg, cheese, and whole grain oats. friskies. now serving breakfast. >>> turning back, now, to our top political story. wednesday, the senate voted against several gun control measures. joining me now for more on this, is mike allen, chief white house correspondent for politico. thanks for being here. in the wake of the newtown shootings, it seemed like there was more political will to do something about gun
. >> these explosions occurred near downtown boston. this year the finish line. this is google earth since view of the street and the finish line. the runners running this direction east found. the first explosion which was around 3:00 p.m. occurred right here on the north side the sidewalk. the second explosion which happened 10 to 50 seconds later, they're right lot of people at the time. there's a starbucks right here. and a lot of runners on the roadway. now, after the at the explosion at the national guard shut down the entire area. the fbi is now leading the investigation. and we know their route to other suspicious devices. we all know where one of them was but one of them was here near the st. near area known as copley square. the fbi could have this entire area shutdown and the next few days. in the newsroom, charles clifford, kron4 news. >> pam: president obama made it clear that information is still coming in and no one should jump to any conclusions until the facts are known. with that said, the president did make it clear, that those responsible will be identified and held accounta
hates google and combining with yahoo! would dig a knife into google's side. melissa: john, yahoo! lost stock value but i don't know it lost coolness and cachet yet. has it? >> it is definitely losing to google but the desperation ainge gel i think is overplayed. what is not mentioned apple has a deal in place with google to provide google search as default search engine inside of ios. yahoo! and bing are still there as well. apple and google are still well-ensconced despite the recent involvements of the two companies going head-to-head very publicly. melissa: rob, what do you make of apple's stock position? that is scary chart for investors of the doesn't make them happen at all. there is story out of foxconn, blaming 19% year over year decline in sales on disappointing iphone demand. seems like apple is hurting. >> it does. i mean recognize that tim cook was never the ideal guy to run apple. he is anti-steve jobs. he was in apple to do all the jobs that steve jobs didn't want to do. the steve jobs put him in the role largely up until the very end steve jobs was going to come back and
financial. more within reach. let's get to work. with the bing it on challenge to show google users what they've been missing on bing. let's bing it on. [fight bell: ding, ding] how many here are google users? what if i was to tell you that you would actually like bing way more than google when it came to the results? prove it. let's look up some taco places. i like the left side. yeah? okay, do we need to find out what the waves are like down at the beach? what side do you like better? i like the results on the right. i'm gonna go with the one on the left. oh! bing won! people prefer bing over google for the web's top searches. don't believe it? go to and see what you're missing. >>> our third story "outfront," secret recordings. who might have been behind the leaked audiotapes of mitch mcconnell and his campaign strategy against ashley judd? you may remember on tuesday we told ut fbi got involved in the case after mcconnell said his louisville office had been bugged. jim acosta is "outfront" with the latest. >> reporter: it could be a break in a campaign who done it? accor
-line and you google, earthquake, water and heater and you google the sites where you can find the details and you can put them out there on the hardware store and you can hire a small contract tore do that for you. that is a couple of hundred bucks, the best investment. if you are in other types of building it is complicated. if you are in a high-rise building you just can't anchor your building down because there are no anchor bolts, but at that point, the tenant should be asking questions of the owner's and the managers about earthquake preparedness >> and don't take the easy answer, oh, our building is safe it was designed to code. that is not the right answer, ask the tough questions and see if you can get a report that has been given to you. >> what is the right question? will i be able to stay in my home after the expected earthquake? is that a good question to ask? >> yeah, you may be more specific if you talk to the owner, if it is not a recent building, if it is ten or 20 years old see if they had an inspection done and there you will have a written before that will tell you all
's not it is always about money. all right, tech trinity, google, ibm and microsoft reported earnings. latest from the breaking news desk. dennis, what can you tell us. >> google and microsoft are up and ibm is down because of wall street expectations. google killed the earnings estimates. they came in at 11.58% share. wall street was expecting only 10.66 on google. revenue though a slight miss. just a touch below $14 billion in the quarter. wall street wanted 14.09 billion. the stock is up anyway. cost per click, that is an important metric for a search ad company fell 4% very sus a year ago. it is now fallen six quarters in a road because more ads are moving from your laptop screen on to mobile and mobile is cheaper. total click-through, that is the number of paid clicks, that is only way google makes money on ads, it grew 20%. that is slower than the 24% growth in the quarter before. now to microsoft, earnings per share, wall street wanted 68 cents. microsoft came in below at 65 cents. revenue came it at 18.83 billion. wall street wanted 20.5 billion but windows sales up 63% compared with a yea
as google, microsoft and ibm report earnings. we'll look at the winners and the losers. >>> stocks slide again. mixed earnings and a batch of economic numbers that missed projections drag down the major indexes. >> china's chief labor -- well, at least that was the case -- but as costs rise, are some u.s. manufacturers thinking about pulling out? all that and more tonight on the "nightly business report" for this thursday, april the 18th. good evening, everybody, and welcome. i'm bill griffeth in this week for tyler mathisen. suzy, it's clear that technology is going to set the tone for tomorrow, don't you think? >> three big tech names in the news tonight, google, microsoft and ibm. three huge technology companies all reporting latest quarterly earnings after the bell tonight with mixed results. the results are important given new concerns about slowing global economic growth. and a sharp decline in the sales of personal computers this year. the report set up a flurry of activity in after-hours trading as the direction of all three companies will impact countless other tech suppliers an
. >>> also, a big change for big bay area airports and how google is involved. "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook in for tori campbell. it's weandz -- wednesday, april 17th. >>> we're following new developments into the boston marathon bombings. claudine wong has more from the newsroom with more on the information we're learning this morning about the evidence and the victims. claudine? >> there's been a lot of information coming out about both the victims and evidence. want to start out with the pictures. these were just released overnight and it will give us a good look at the evidence. twisted metal in the pressure cookers, remnants of the black bags that authorities believe those bombs were transported in and these give us a good look at some of the other evidence found there. you have the batteries found there at the scene. you have wires and that appears to be some kind of circuit board, all evidence that authorities hope will lead them to the person responsible for the attack. when you talk a
for us. more for you. >> some popular google apps experiencing service disruptions this morning. the problems apparently center on three popular google apps, gmail, google drive and the admin control panel. a lot of people have tweeted about this this morning and google's website confirms the partial outage which appears to center on mobile applications. i had trouble logging in to gmail this morning. it doesn't happen a lot, but when it does it's news. >> i have my own server. >> really? >> i've had my own server since 1996. you heard about the chinese hacking people. >> i did. >> you get your own darn server and that stuff doesn't happen. >> i just write everything down with carrier pigeons and it's the most effective way. game of thrones kind of stuff. >> pornography, i'm not going talk about it. i know pornography when i see it. google? >> we want to talk about google. >> let's talk yahoo. the shares are falling in the pre-market. internet company reporting a first quarter revenue miss. yahoo sees revenues for the current quarter below concensus and it did report profits of
'll be sold in the u.s. >>> what happens to your gmail when you die? google has debuted a new tool for that. it tells google how long to keep the gmail if it or other accounts become inactive. the user can have the gmail deleted after 3, 6 or 12 months of inactivity: a man paid $2 million today for the nobel prize won by the man who helped discover dna. francis crick was awarded the nobel prize in 1962. he died in 2004. his family sold the medal at auction in new york. the buyer is a ceo of the menlo park regenerative company. he says he'll display it to inspire employees. a letter crick wrote to his son about the dna discovery was also auctioned off. that sold for $6 million. >>> now trending, a fisherman got quite a scare when he came face to face with a shark. >> whoa. >> who he is right. the encounter happened sunday as isaac was reeling in a tuna. we've slowed it down for you. that's a roughly 500-pound, 10- foot tiger shark. it nearly jumped into his kayak and tries to grab the fish. the footage was captured on a camera mounted to the kayak. to learn more about that boater or see thi
online accounts after you die or become inactive for some reason? a new tool from google called inactive account manager lets you assign your google accounts to someone else or have it deleted. those are >> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning at 4:41. this is san francisco, downtown, looking across the bay bridge at the east bay. you will notice not as windy today. our meteorologist, mike nicco, is tracking more warmth. we will have a detailed look at your forecast ahead. >> the heavy digging and lifting will we begin on the bart extension from fremont to san jose. work has been underway the past year with crews knocking down buildings and reconfiguring roads. federal, state, and local officials gathered in fremont to mark the milestone and the re-opening of the roadway. digging for tracks begin next week in san jose. starting monday, one of the roads will be partly closed and in the summer crews will dig at other major roadways. >> in sonoma a federally protected bird is being killed by the device designed to save them.
today that are just starting to grow. i was an early invester in google, facebook and twitter, it takes two to three years before those companies reach scale. but a year from now, we will be able to point to the googles, the facebook and twitters, who are working in gun safety. this is a huge sector for innovation. >> you were asked what sort of a budget this is. this will be better if you give us a low figure and you give us a range. i can tell you that this is going to play better with the financial figure. >> i am happy to give you an estimate. i am hoping a year from now, that the tech community has invested $15 million in brand new start ups who are seeking innovation for the reduction of gun violence, mental health and school safety. and companies already exist. and this would be seed funding probably in 15 to 20 companies. >> one of the problems in congress is obviously is a lack of unity around what needs to be done particularly around the gun safety issue. within your own, with 50 or 150, how is it handling those differences in opinions about what needs to be done? could that d
internet access for its own people is trending worldwide on twitter. searched on google more than ever before. what's the attraction? strange propaganda. the leader coming off like a movie villain. chubby, odd haircut, carrying a gun, poring over attack plans for america's destruction with troops that slavishly follow him, doing anything to catch a glimpse of their infallible leader. crazy like a fox. >> first they manufacture a crisis and then they essentially extract payment to back off. >> reporter: analysts expect north korea will launch its missile and then ask for money not to do it again. until it needs more money the next time. brian, we are all still waiting for that missile test. perhaps monday. that's when festivities in pyongyang culminate, but the test won't end it. the question now is how to deal with a rogue state using nuclear weapons for blackmail. brian? >> richard engel part of our team in seoul tonight. richard, thanks. >>> now to this country and the big storm system that brought extreme weather to most of the country this week on its way east. it continues to move
are really interesting. we have got google coming up, which is really turning into a tech bellwether, apple next week... this is just- we are really into the meat of earnings season, and this is where we are going to see whether, really, is earnings season going to be all right, or is it going to be as poor as the last one? - good to have you on the show. that is mark sebastian of option pit mentoring. precious metals are in a free- fall. gold has fallen the farthest, but there's been a panic of sorts involving other commodities, too. our cover story explains it's the result of a combination of forecasts. gold futures dropped faster and farther than anytime since the 1980s, closing at $1361.70 monday - a more than $200-an- ounce drop since friday. what caused it? some say 'a perfect storm' of pessimistic predictions. "if i was holding gold, i'd get out and get back in later. i don't want to stand in front of a freight train." "the free-fall will feed upon itself for the next few days." the predictions came in a cluster last week. the federal reserve hinted that it might discontinue quantita
promise to have some major brand like microsoft or google or whatever. what has been lacking has been standards related to a customer of visibility to reason about the cloud. but we have some good anecdotal evidence that people will focus on a cloud for a living will do a far better job than you would ever if you were building your own i.t. system. a good way to think about this would be if you look back on wikileaks and what followed, it turned out they were hosting on amazon, and when amazon pulled that, anonymous launched an attack on a bunch of different web sites. everybody who was running their own data center was down in a heartbeat. so statement one -- if you are running your own thing, you will be taken out much more easily than if you are running as part of a much larger aggregated whole world that provider can defend the property much more rigorously. and goodness me, they care about defending it. but more importantly, through automation, you get to get an assurance that data is less accessible. so people will say to me that if they build a private cloud and surround it wit
will want to have the game here in the home of google, facebook and twitter. >> we have the hotel rooms, the hospitality, hospitality, the administration, the support to do this right and well. >> reporter: if the bid for super bowl l is not successful leaders say the bid also applies to super bowl li, the very next year. in san francisco, sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> if you believe this the first child of prince william and kate middleton will be a girl, the girl will be named alexandra. they suspended bets on the baby being a girl. last month duchess of cambridge let it slip the baby is a gol. >>> google will let you decide what happens to your e-mail after you die. you can program with your instructions. you set it up with a time out period. and then you choose whether you want the data shared or deleted. >>> on wall street they rose today on the 4th straight day. the dow is up 62 to 14,865. the nasdaq is up 2 at 3,300. the s&p is up 5 to 1,593. >>> only on two, we have new i was on the action being taking against employees accused of
. >> people try to figure out if their loved ones are safe. google is trying to help those. log on to finder, can you search someone's name or someone you have information b the site is currently tracking 5,000 records. >> technology at its finest. >> many texting, you could find out they were okay via text. >> the phones were jammed up. >> cooler weather around here for us today. >> yes, actually, well over a week today. i do think we will be warming up over the next couple of days, in the 70s, near 80. like i said a minute ago, it is not going to come without something else making its way our way first. take a look outside, you can see what is happening, toward the airport. a nice, mild night. plenty of cloufr across the region, toward the capital. clear skies at the surface. no fog out there. it may be the case during the morning tomorrow, in some locations, heads up for light fog, near washington, d.c. a low of 57, average high 67, today, the first day below average in some time. the coolest day in more than a week. temperatures in 70s, 80s, and 91 last wednesday. righ
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of the week when it could happen. >> google has the timeline for the driverless car. >> man's best friend reunites with his own, with technology from halfway around the >> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, 6:14. on the way to a gorgeous start with the sunrise shortly if san francisco hooking at the bay here and a gorgeous live picture, a little breezy out there, especially fear -- here along the bay and the coast. mike nicco will fill us in on how warm it will get today after yesterday's very warm afternoon. >> not a cloud in the sky. the winds could be responsible for that. >> happening now, officials believe a north korean missile launch is imminent and committee have been making preparation with the radar up and running joining the flotilla off the coast. asia is on high alert and speakers say the launch could be timed to the birthday of north korea's founder next monday, the biggest holiday which it has used in the past to show off military power. >> actress angelina jolie is urging action on behalf of war-time sexual ass
. google's new tool that gives you control of your account even when you're not around. plus? >>Ñi some cell phone video take by a student has landed a teacher in hot water. i'm jodi hernandez, i'll have the latest on the investigation coming up. . >>> is the middle school making a big deal out of nothing or did a local teacher cross the line? a debate tonight over a video that appears to show a teacher hitting a student. >> the swatting allegedly happened before spring break. nbc's jodi hernandez has the video, see what you think. >> i believe a teacher who needs some help in managing classroom behavior. a teacher who doesn't set a very good example for the students who are under her control. >> reporter: but whether what is seen in the cell phone video rises to the level of abuse is what school officials and concord police are trying to determine. the video posted on facebook shows an oak grove middle school teacher waving around some kind of object in class. now police are trying to find out if she used the object to hit students. >> priority is always school and students' safety. >>
're in los angeles with the bing it on challenge to show google users what they've been missing on bing. let's bing it on. [fight bell: ding, ding] how many here are google users? what if i was to tell you that you would actually like bing way more than google when it came to the results? prove it. let's look up some taco places. i like the left side. yeah? okay, do we need to find out what the waves are like down at the beach? what side do you like better? i like the results on the right. i'm gonna go with the one on the left. oh! bing won! people prefer bing over google for the web's top searches. don't believe it? go to biou're missing. >> greg: in the follow-up segment tornado the fallout continues over power are couple jay-z and beyonce's recent vacation that havana. the u.s. treasury department cleared up the matter saying the trip was preapproved under an embargo exemption. still, jay-z chose a delightful new song ♪ white house, never [ bleep ] don't distort history. want to give me, let me commit a real crime ♪ ♪ >> greg: i think that song is now on lou dobbs ipod. joining me i
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